Sino-France Hospitality Management Program


    The Sino-France Collaborative Hospitality Management Education Program is the only bachelor program that is taught all in English.

   With the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, takes a unique approach to international education that combines, encourages and develops the teachings of its two founding institutions: Huangshan University, China and VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management, France. We offer this “4+0” Program, all taught in English, with the chance for qualified students to internship in other VATEL schools in the world. This program adopts the unique model of Vatel International business school of Hotel management:1 week ofacademic teaching + 1 week of real practice in a 5-star hotel.

    Huangshan University awards Undergraduate Certificate and the Bachelor Degree while VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management awards the Bachelor Degree validated by French Government to the qualified students (Eurodip).


Main Courses:

Management; Human Resource Management; French Gastronomy; Taxation and Finance; Information Technology; Hotel Sales; World Culture; Entrepreneurship, Etc.


Documents for application:

1. Application Form for International Students

2. Graduation diploma of High School 

3. Photocopy of your passport (1st page)


Program Length and Tuition:

4 years for Bachelor's Degree, taught in English

RMB 15000Yuan per academic year



Address: 44 Daizhen Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui, China

Postcode: 245021


Tel: 86-559-2546660

Fax: 86-559-2546611

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