Teaching and Research


Teaching and Research

     According to the requirements of evaluation criteria, the University has been promoting teaching quality projects, and enhancing the momentum for laboratory construction and reference materials collection in the hope of improving teaching and research conditions. It has also been implementing programs on major construction that helped to further optimize and reorganize the structure of teaching resources and to pool forces to support and set up a number of key subjects with distinguishing features. Meanwhile, the University has done a good job of optimizing course structure and offering key and qualified courses. In addition, it has intensified the practice training aiming at enforcing students’ practice and innovative capacity.    


      Following the University Scientific Research Conference, HSU has been perfecting the research management system and heightening teacher awareness concerning research projects and the importance of teamwork to accomplish efficient reorganization of HSU’s researchers. Much has been done to enhance the management of school-level research projects and to make breakthroughs in the application of province-level research projects so as to improve the quality of academic achievement. The university has also established a number of featured research organizations such as the Hui Culture Academy and has strengthened their management. In addition, it has been supporting the development of special and superior scientific research items and encouraging students to take part in scientific research activities.


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